Crystal Line S.A. entered the catering equipment industry in the 1990s.
As with all new projects the beginnings were tough, but with a determined and driven group of professionals the company managed to position itself in the sector and go on to represent prestigious international brands unknown at the time in the Spanish HORECA market.


Over the years, Crystal Line has grown, evolved and embarked on new projects fulfilling the company’s expansion strategy.
One of the most ambitious projects was in 2012 when Crystal Line went from being just an equipment Distributor to a Manufacturer too.
Today our Corequip food display cabinets occupy a niche in the market because customers not only value the quality and robustness of the product, but also their modern and innovative design, helping to evolve their image.


Our future is clear. Crystal Line will continue to evolve and take on new challenges as both a Distributor of major brands and as a Manufacturer, developing new products and following an expansion strategy in international markets.
So begins a new phase with the opening of new facilities with a larger warehouse and more spacious and modern offices.
We face this new challenge at Crystal Line with the enthusiasm and confidence that the hard work and effort of employees, partners and customers will help us achieve these goals.
Thanks to all of you for your support and trust.


Our brands

In Crystal-Line we take exclusive care of our customers, only working with the best brands and latest products.

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