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Corequip presents the Hydrogen Peroxide Atomizer, the most effective option for space and surface disinfection. Its oxidizing character infers the product the necessary capacity for cleaning, hygiene and disinfection of surfaces with high organic contamination.

The hydrogen peroxide solution allows the elimination of bacteria and viruses that may be present in the environment, surfaces, utensils, elements or pieces of equipment used in the food industry and in clinical environments. A perfect treatment to disinfect hotels, hostels, medical centers, day-care centers, schools, shopping centers, supermarkets and sports centers.

It is a less harmful and more effective machine than ozone generators, due to the dangerousness of the ozone when it comes into contact with it.

Moduline’s H2O2 atomizer performs a quick and very simple treatment; for a maximum surface area of 500m3, the atomization time is approximately 25 minutes and the user can return to the place treated just 20 minutes after the cycle is completed.

Moreover, the atomizer is designed to guarantee maximum operator safety. The equipment has an acoustic signal system that informs the operator of the actual end of the disinfection cycle, telling him when he can enter the room again without any risk. Likewise, due to the composition of the Hydrogen Peroxide solution, there is no danger of material damage to the elements on the surface to be disinfected.